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An Economic Plan for B.C. Families and Businesses.

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BC needs a bold plan to support families and businesses and ensure a Stronger Tomorrow, Starting Today. Download the report to read our Economic Plan for B.C. Families and Businesses.

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In every crisis, there is opportunity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified challenges and exposed vulnerabilities for individuals, businesses, government, and our overall quality of life in B.C. While we have been among the most successful jurisdictions in suppressing the virus' spread, we should also aspire to be among the most successful in steering economic recovery.

About the Report

The business community is proposing an economic plan to create opportunity for people in every part of British Columbia, a plan that builds on our traditional industries and assets while retooling to grasp the opportunities of the emerging digital world.

Spur Economic Recovery...Starting Today

  • Short term reduction in Provincial Sales Tax leading to reform
  • Accelerate capital spending, infrastructure development, and private sector investment to kick-start economic recovery
  • Extend tax remittance deferrals for businesses significantly affected by the pandemic and the associated recession to the end of 2020
  • Institute a moratorium on all administrative, regulatory and policy changes that add or raise costs for the private sector to support the job and business recovery process
  • Quickly find additional locations for child day care services

Improve Conditions for Hiring and Private Sector Investment

  • In the next two years develop a made and controlled in B.C. value-added tax to reflect the 21st century economy and replace the out of date PST
  • Reform municipal government
  • Protect the industrial land base in Metro Vancouver
  • Nexus regulatory approval system for qualified operators
  • Support the creation of an Indigenous Economic Development Centre of Excellence
  • Make B.C. a top-tier location for investment and production in the forest sector

Empower People, Talent and Skills

  • Review the structure, mandates, funding, and delivery models in the public post-secondary education system
  • Purposely pursue a rapid Reskilling Strategy to get youth back to work and mid-career transitional workers
  • Make B.C. a leader in Work-Integrated Learning (WIL)
  • Continue to expand childcare
  • Address uncompetitive personal taxes

Accelerate Homegrown Innovation

  • Establish and fund with Canada the operation of Innovations Precincts
  • Boost investment in strategic digital infrastructure
  • Encourage the growth of technology-focused small and medium-sized enterprises

Make the World Cleaner and Protect the Environment

  • Level the playing field to support B.C.’s global low carbon advantage for export businesses and their employees
  • Make B.C. the first fully digital regulator In North America for land use, environment and climate approvals and regulations
  • Support the development of infrastructure and solutions that speed the adoption of alternative fuels for vehicles, aircraft, vessels and trains as well as land-based business operations
  • Establish and implement a credible system that enables the purchase of carbon credits (offsets)
  • Develop a global centre for clean energy/clean technology innovation
  • Learn more about the Low Carbon Advantage Plan at

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